V Rising: Magic Guide | Which Special Abilities are Best

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Vampire survival game V Rising has been quickly rising in popularity since its early access release via Steam. Once you reawaken as a vampire after sleeping for centuries, you will need to kill for blood. Defeating bosses will grant you more items and powers that will help you in the game, as you can use your new abilities to progress further. This guide will take you through the various types of abilities in V Rising.

What are the Different Types of Abilities in V Rising? 

Abilities in V Rising are divided in two ways—theme and form. They have five categories when divided by theme, namely Blood, Unholy, Illusion, Chaos and Frost; and three categories when divided by form—Basic, Travel and Ultimate.

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You can mix and match abilities with different themes depending on your playing style. Check out all the abilities within these themes in the links below.

Blood Abilities

Unholy Abilities 

Illusion Abilities 

Chaos Abilities 

Frost Abilities

However, there are some limits placed on the forms on abilities, which are explained below. All the abilities in the themes above will fall into one of these categories.

Basic Abilities 

Only two basic abilities can be equipped at a time, which includes single-target ranged moves and AOE boosts for solo play as well as team-based gameplay.

Travel Abilities 

These abilities are used mainly for movement, but some of them also boost your character as well as deal damage to your enemies. You can have only one travel ability in a group of abilities.

Ultimate Abilities

These are some of the most powerful abilities in the game that have high effectiveness in battle, owing to which they have long cooldowns. Choosing the most optimum time to use these abilities will help you last longer in battle.

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