V Rising-Chaos Abilities – Which Chaos Abilities are Best

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V Rising is the latest released Vampire-themed survival game released a few days back and has already gained a lot of popularity among gamers worldwide. Its unique storyline and gameplay have attracted the players’ attention, and this game provides them with a wide variety of ways to play. V Rising has different types of abilities available, and these abilities are also divided into multiple groups.

This guide will give a detailed discussion of the best Chaos Abilities in V Rising.

Chaos Ability Guide of V Rising- Best Chaos Abilities

V Rising has five abilities available in the game, and Chaos Ability is one of the best among them. The most stunning effect of Chaos Abilities is the Chaos Burn, and it causes damage over time. Most of the Chaos Abilities have this Chaos Burn Effect, and below, we’ll discuss them in detail-

  1. Basic
  2. Chaos Volley: using it, players can launch 2 Projectiles to deal 125% each projectile and inflict Chaos Burn.
  3. Aftershock: this also deals Chaos Burn with line AOE that deals 100% Magic damage.
  4. Void: summon exploding orb to deal 70% magic damage and Chaos Burn.
  5. Chaos Barrier: it blocks all frontal attacks for 2 seconds. Deals 75% projectile damage and Chaos Burn.
  6. Power Surge: it increases the attack speed and movement speed by 25% and reduces the negative effects.
  7. Travel
  8. Veil of Chaos: Veil of Chaos doesn’t deal Chaos Burn. It makes you turn invisible for some time, leaves illusions that explode for 50% magic damage, and deals 25% damage on the Primary attack.
  9. Ultimate
  10. Merciless Charge: it deals 100% damage in an AOE attack and stuns the enemy. The first attack deals 125% damage. It also doesn’t deal Chaos Burn.
  11. Chaos Barrage: this ability has a Chaos Burn effect. With this ability, you can deal hefty damage as it launches 4 orbs that deal damage on direct hit and additional damage to the enemies within its range.

These are the Chaos Abilities in V Rising. Though they all are powerful enough to take down enemies, abilities with Chaos Burn are the best among them. We have discussed all the abilities here to make it easier to select. If you are looking for a guide to know about the Chaos Abilities in V Rising, follow our guide for help.

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