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DMZ Update 9 January Removes Disguises Temporarily (Patch Notes)

Warzone 2 DMZ is a renowned and player-favorite mode that has created…

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How To Beat The Evil Spirits in Warzone DMZ Operation Nightmare

With the new “The Haunting” update in Warzone DMZ, players have many…

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How to Turn Off Jump Scares in Warzone DMZ The Haunting

In celebration of Halloween, many games are hosting their own haunting events,…

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CoD Warzone 2 The Haunting – How to get ‘Bloody Mess’ Bas-P Blueprint

The newest spooky event The Haunting is here, and you can unlock…

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Warzone And MW2 – How to Farm Souls Fast

The newest scary event called The Haunting is here, and you can…

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Warzone 2 and MW2 – How to get the Butcher’s Meat Hook Transmog for Diablo 4

A crossover that no one expected, Activision and Blizzard have teamed up…

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