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She holds two degrees in media. She can draw, sketch, and is somewhat good at graphics and animation. She can also write, and, the best part, make instant noodles at 1 minute 59 seconds. Currently, she’s exploring the world of Teyvat. Other times she likes to read books, watch anime, and take long walks to the fridge and back.
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Nightingale – How to Get Level 20 Gear Score

Like most survival adventure games, Nightingale does offer various armor and weapons…

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How to Use Third Person View in Nightingale

Nightingale does offer several new features that other games have yet to…

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Nightingale Realm Cards Explained – How they Work

The game mechanics of Nightingale are a bit different from other survival…

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How to Gather Resources in Nightingale

Since Nightingale is a survival adventure game, you would have elements of…

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How to Build First Realm Portal in Nightingale (Crude Portal)

You would have probably had a taste of what Nightingale has to…

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Nightingale Character Creation Guide

Nightingale is one of the most anticipated survival RPGs, which has the…

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