Kirthana K

She holds two degrees in media. She can draw, sketch, and is somewhat good at graphics and animation. She can also write, and, the best part, make instant noodles at 1 minute 59 seconds. Currently, she’s exploring the world of Teyvat. Other times she likes to read books, watch anime, and take long walks to the fridge and back.
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How to Get Butterfly Dye in Once Human

Once Human offers several customization options not just for your base but…

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Happy Birthday Puzzle Solution Once Human

Besides solving the main story quests, you might also bump into side…

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Leave A Message In The Forgotten Monolith Guide in Once Human

Once Human offers a bunch of tasks to complete, as well as…

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Once Human – Legendary Tactical SR Mag Location

If you are on a hunt for all the legendary weapon accessories,…

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How to Get Furniture in Once Human

As you start setting up your base you can start adding furniture…

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Once Human From Chrysalis to Butterfly – Control Room and Mr. Ames’s Body Locations

The quests in Once Human offer several different quests that offer some…

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