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She holds two degrees in media. She can draw, sketch, and is somewhat good at graphics and animation. She can also write, and, the best part, make instant noodles at 1 minute 59 seconds. Currently, she’s exploring the world of Teyvat. Other times she likes to read books, watch anime, and take long walks to the fridge and back.
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Wuthering Waves – Wait for Xiaoyu’s Message Guide

If you enjoy the elements of gacha RPG, then Wuthering Waves is…

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Wuthering Waves – Go In The Direction Of The Bell Guide

Not only do you have to complete the main story quests, but…

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Lampylumen Myriad Echo Location Wuthering Waves

Collecting Echos is one way of getting special powers and abilities of…

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How To Install The External Mobile Power Source in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves has a far more complex quest system where you have…

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Wuthering Waves – Obtain 3 Crest in Tower of Adversity Resonant Tower Stable Zone Guide

Wuthering Waves is a huge exploitative world filled with various new points…

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Wuthering Waves Tempest Mephis Boss Location 

In Wuthering Waves, you can collect various Echos to add to your…

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