V Rising: Magic Guide | Which Illusion Abilities are Best

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V Rising has been quickly rising in popularity as a Vampire survival game since its early access release via Steam. There is a lot to do within the game which involves the player reawakening as a vampire after sleeping for centuries, and realising their need to kill for blood. Players will need to kill bosses that will grant more items and powers that will help them in the game, as they can use their new abilities to progress further. This guide will take you through the Illusion Abilities in V Rising.

V Rising Ability Guide – Illusion Abilities

Illusion Abilities do not have a specific theme, but most of them involve summoning to some extent. Some summoning abilities are also present in Unholy Abilities, so make sure to check those out as well.

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There are six Illusion Abilities that you can use to your advantage in the game V Rising. These are divided into the three forms of Abilities—Basic, Travel and Ultimate.


  1. Mist Trance: Blocks attacks for 1.5 seconds and teleports player to mouse target location. Ideal for axes.
  2. Spectral Assassin: Summons Spectral Assassin and causes an AOE of 125% magic damage that knocks back enemies. Summoned Spectral Assassin causes the AOE multiple times, and enemies hit by it have reduced damage dealt for 5 seconds. 
  3. Spectral Wolf: Deals 100% magic damage through a projectile, traps enemies and reduces damage dealt by 30% for 5 seconds. 


  1. Veil of Illusion: Player turns invisible for 2.2 seconds, deals 25% bonus damage on first primary attack and fires projectiles that deal 40% magic damage. 


  1. Mirror Strike: Deals a total of 600% magic damage to enemies within the target area, divided between all enemies affected, and weakens enemies hit by 30% for 5 seconds.
  2. Spectral Guardian: Summons Spectral Guardian who protects allies for 125% spell power and attacks with a close-range AOE for the same amount, which lasts for 7 seconds, and shields allies every 1.5 seconds.

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