V Rising Bane the Shadowblade Location and How to Beat

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V Rising brings new bosses with its latest update, and you can encounter them while exploring. One of the newer bosses you will meet is Bane the Shoadowblade, who has a few special attacks up his sleeve. If you do defeat him, you can unlock the Veil of Bones spell, Human Form, Slashers, and a small coin bag. Before you can get these abilities, you need to find him first. In this guide, we will see how to find and defeat Bane the Shadowblade in V Rising.

V Rising Bane the Shadowblade Location and How to Beat

Bane the Shadowblade is a bit tougher to beat if you are not familiar with his techniques. Here we will see how to find and defeat him in V Rising.

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Bane the Shadowblade Location in V Rising

You can find Bane the Shadowblade roaming around the Farbnae Woods area. There is no fixed location, so finding him is pure luck. He is a level 47 boss.

How to Beat Bane the Shadowblade in V Rising

Bane has a few special attacks he can use on you, so you should be prepared before you meet him.

  • He can evade your attacks by disappearing and reappearing in another location, but this will also increase his damage output
  • He will sometimes summon a dark aura that will surround you and deal damage
  • Bane can also summon an army of undead assassins who can deal ranged and melee attacks
  • For Bane’s melee attack, he will spin with his dual swords when he gets close to you
  • To know when he will summon his dark aura, you will spot him stabbing himself with his two swords. This attack is unavoidable. 
  • Since he is very agile, it will be difficult to spot him as he is quick to evade when you get too close to him
  • To defeat him, you need to attack him with ranged spells. 
  • Getting close to deal melee damage is possible when he is about to deal his dark aura attack
  • If his army comes after you, you should get rid of them first before attempting to beat Bane
  • Overall, you should depend more on spells to tackle Bane

Ultimately you can defeat Bane by being consistent with your attacks and following his every move. If you like this guide you can check out our other V Rising guides as well. 

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