How to Get Shattered Weapons in V Rising

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With the launch of the Gloomrot update, V Rising has changed a lot in terms of visuals, animation, and mechanics. One of the changes in the mechanics is the introduction of legendary weapons, which are obtained as shattered weapons in the game. Once you find a shattered weapon, you need to take it to the ancestral forge and reforge the weapon to use it. It, of course, requires expensive resources such as Radium Alloy and others to forge the weapons. In this guide, we will tell you how you can get your hand on the shattered weapon blueprints in the V Rising Gloomrot update.

How to Farm Shattered Weapons in V Rising

All the shattered weapons in V Rising have a different name, but they are essentially a superior version of the existing weapons. There are also different versions of shattered or legendary weapons. For example, The Pistols have two shattered weapons that I have encountered: Explosive Dueling Pistols and the Flamelock Dueling Pistols. The shattered or legendary weapons come with a weapon spell modification effect. The Explosive Dueling Pistols modify ‘Fan The Hammer’ ability by infusing Chasos and causing ignite when bullets hit enemies.

There is no easy way to farm the shattered weapons as the drop rate is so low, and you must work hard to get them. To get the shattered weapons, you must beat high-level bosses in the game, and each boss only drops a legendary weapon. So, if you are attempting to beat a boss with a team or there are several other players, it’s likely that you won’t be able to snatch the blueprint.

So, the only guaranteed way to get the legendary or shattered weapons is to take on bosses on your own.

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