V Rising Domina the Blade Dancer Location and How to Beat

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The latest V Rising update brings a new region and new bosses to uncover. One of the bosses you will find is Domina the Blade Dancer, who is a level 60 boss that deals electric damage. She is quite agile and quick on her feet, so it can get challenging to try and defeat her. If you are wondering where to find her and how to beat her, you can keep reading. In this guide, we will see how to find and beat Domina the Blade Dancer in V Rising.

V Rising Domina the Blade Dancer Location and How to Beat

Defeating Domina can help you unlock the Polarity Shift Ability and the Local Castle Teleporters structures. Here we will see where to find and how to defeat Domina in V Rising

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Domina the Blade Dancer location in V Rising

You can find this level 60 boss in Rustlock Village, Gloomrot. Gloomrot is the new region in the latest update, so head over there to find the boss in the village.

How to Beat Domina the Blade Dancer in V Rising

You should be well prepared with high-level gear and weapons before you can meet Domina. Once you are ready, you can follow the tips below to defeat her.

  • Domina is very quick and agile, so it will be hard to corner her
  • She deals with a lot of electric attacks that can cause AoE, such as lightning zaps and an electric whirlpool
  • Her weapon of choice is her electric sword, which she will use to lunge and attack you with
  • She will also blast electric orbs in various directions so you have to run around and avoid them
  • It is best to not get too close to her to avoid getting zapped. Rather you should run around and deal ranged damage
  • You should also have your shield up always to avoid electric damage
  • The fight may look daunting, but it is pretty straightforward
  • Just remember to not get close and to use plenty of ranged attacks while being on the move
  • If you feel daring, you can trap her inside one of the empty buildings and keep attacking her till she is defeated

Eventually, you can bring down Domina the Blade Dancer and unlock the new skill and structure. If you like this V Rising guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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