How to Beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror Boss in V Rising

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V Rising is a vampire survival game that has been gaining popularity quickly since its release, as players have been invested in the progression of the gameplay. It is filled with content including monsters and bosses to defeat and items to earn. This guide will take you through the process of how to beat the boss Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising.

How to Beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising

There are plenty of monsters in V Rising, and Frostmaw the Mountain Terror is a level 56 boss. Make sure that your gear and weapons are on par to be battling this monster. It’s a good idea to join a clan if you haven’t yet, as it is easier to fight with multiple team members. Solo play is also possible, but it might take more time and effort.

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Frostmaw the Mountain Terror is a terrifying beast that is found north of the Sacred Mountains on Hallowed Grounds. This is the only other beast that can be found in this area, and there isn’t much else to do in this region besides defeating these monsters. 

Once it spots you on the snowy roads, it will begin to follow you, throwing icy projectiles that might prove fatal to a lower level player. These spiky hits will quickly deplete your health, so make sure to avoid them and keep healing items handy. They also have a splash damage attack so you’ll need to keep your distance. Ranged items seem to be the best bet to win against this monster.

Check out our video on what Frostmaw the Mountain Terror looks like below.

Once you have defeated the Frostmaw the Mountain Terror boss, you will receive the power of Ice Nova which summons an AOE that deals 100% magic damage, and freezes Chilled enemies for 4 seconds. You will also unlock the Scroll recipe.

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