How to Prevent Sun Damage in V Rising

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V Rising is a Vampire survival game where players play the role of the vampire who has awakened from a death-like slumber after the Centuries. If you have played survival games before, you are aware that in survival games day time is the safest time for the players to explore the world and continue their activities. In the nighttime, players need to stay at their homes to avoid danger. But in V Rising, this system is different because here, players are Vampires, and they can’t roam outside freely in the daytime because they will get damaged by the sunlight.

This guide will help you know how you can avoid sun damage in V Rising.

Sun Damage in V Rising – Is it Possible to Avoid It?

In V Rising, if you want to explore the world and go on a hunt, the night is the safest time when you can freely roam around. If you go out in the daytime and expose to the sunlight, you may burn and turn into ashes. So, it is better not to go out until night falls. But if you somehow find that it’s already day and you haven’t yet reached home, follow the below methods to prevent sun damage-

  1. Look for the tree shadows. Find a place full of trees and proceed carefully without going outside the tree shadows.
  2. Look for any large object that is casting a large shadow on the ground. Go there and hide under the shadow.
  3. Stay inside your castle. Try not to come out of your castle before night.
  4. Use a Mist Brazier to protect yourself from Sunlight.

These are the ways to prevent sun damage. If you summarize the thing, it simply means you have to find and stay at a place where there is a shadow and sunlight doesn’t reach that place. It can be trees, rocks, walls, your castle, or anything that casts a shadow. V Rising has a 14 hours long night, so it is best if you don’t leave your castle during ay time as you’ll get enough time at night to progress through the game.

That’s all you need to know about preventing sun damage in V Rising. If you are outside during the daytime and looking for a guide to know how you can avoid Sun damage, check out our guide for help.

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