How to Get Charged Battery in V Rising

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It’s been more than twenty-four hours since the release of the Gloomrot update in V Rising, and the game is already proving to be more than promised. If you have ventured into the Gloomrot region, you likely found Depleted Battery. The battery description says it can be charged at a lightning source, and once charged, you get the Charged Battery, which is an ingredient to make the Power Core. So, how do you get the charged battery in V Rising?

What to Do with Depleted Battery and How to Get It in V Rising

Next to the Tech Scrap, the Depleted Battery is one of the most common resources in the game. Talking down machines or destroying Tech piles will often drop one or more Depleted Batteries. If you want to farm a Depleted Battery without taking down high-level machines, the tech piles in the picture below are the best way.

farm discharged batteries

Once you have the Depleted Battery, the next step is to charge it, which takes you to one of the toughest areas on the entire map. You are not recommended to go to this area unless you are above level 70.

How to Get Charged Battery in V Rising

To charge the Discharged Battery and get the Charged Battery, you need to go to Thunderstrike Peak. This area is filled with several level 70+ machines and other low-level enemies. On top of that, thunder strike in this area is more severe than anywhere else in North Gloomrot. Here is a map of the location of Thunderstrike Peak.

V Rising Thunderstrike Peak

When you reach the top of Thunderstrike Peak, you will notice two structures named the Lightning Harvester. You need to approach these structures and interact with them. You can see the structure in the image below. The Harvester requires 10 batteries to fill the slot and charge. So, you need to bring 10 depleted batteries with you to get the harvester to work.

Lightning Harvester

Press ‘F’ to interact with the Lightning Harvester and press the button Charged Battery. After a while, go over to the harvester and collect the Charged Battery. So, this is how you can get the charged battery in V Rising.

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