How to Get Cotton Yarn in V Rising

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V Rising from Stunlock Studios offers players a vast world to explore with multiple biomes, each distinct from the other. When you reach the Dunley Farmland, you will come across Cotton farms that you can loot and get cotton and cotton seed. But, at the time you may not know the use of cotton, nor there is a way to make it. Cotton can be made into Cotton Yarn that is used in clothing. We will show you how to get or craft cotton yarn in V Rising.

How to Craft Cotton Yarn in V Rising

Like many other resources, you can either make the cotton yarn from cotton or get it as loot from enemies. In Dunley Farmland, getting cotton yarn from the troops is an easy task, but not all of them drop the item and it’s hardly the best way to farm cotton yarn. Instead, you should look to set up production for it that can turn your harvested or looted cotton into cotton yarn.

You require the recipe to make the cotton yarn as well as a new production unit the Loom. Both of these are unlocked when you defeat the level 38 boss – Beatrice the Tailor. Beating this boss is very easy, easier than most if you approach the task tactfully.

Beatrice the Tailor

Beatrice the Tailor does not have any attack of her own, but she is surrounded by other troops. So, clear as many troops as possible, take breaks to heal, and return and the troops would not have respawned. Finally, when you can isolate Beatrice the Tailor, attack her. She will keep running, chase her and try to prevent her from going into areas with other troops. Do this and the fight should be over sooner than you expect.


Once, Beatrice the Tailor is defeated, you will unlock the Loom and the recipe to make cotton yarn. Set up the unit and feed it cotton to make the Cotton yarn.

That’s all we have in this guide. Check out the game category for more tips and tricks on how to play V Rising.

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