5 Tips and Tricks In V Rising You Didn’t Know About

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V Rising is a game full of mysteries and some of those mysteries are even unknown to regular players. Because it is a fairly new game and there are hidden things here and there all around the game you have to dig out and gain special objects or special powers for your characters. So, we will guide you through a few neat tips and tricks which will help you in order to grasp the game a little better.

Tips & Tricks In V Rising

  1. You should always play on the right server type because when you are first starting the game you will be asked to choose a server type and all the servers will be divided into PVP and PVE. If you enter the PvE service you can’t really attack other players or damage or steal their possessions because it’s Players vs the Environment which means you will only be able to attack the Monsters or other Enemies which may arrive on different levels. But in PVP mode you can freely attack other enemies and other players and steal their possessions because it is a Player VS Player mode where you can attack anyone. You can attack the Monsters and attack the players and everything is legal. There are also quite a few extra settings beyond these two server types which will include how much of the equipment you lose upon dying. At what times of the day you can raid an enemy Castle or how many resources you can get from mining and gathering and many more. If you’re starting then the best mode for you will be the PvE mode, because it won’t put you against other players and you will only fight the Monsters and the other Enemies which are in the game itself and not other physical players. 
  1. Land warning signs of Sunlight because the most common death in V Rising is due to sunlight exposure. You are a vampire and your weakness is sunlight and it is absolutely deadly in this game so during the day you need to stay in the shadows as much as possible. In this game, the sun is an actual object in the sky that moves throughout the day. So shadows will also move around over time hence be very careful before you step away from your keyboard for more than a few seconds and you might get smited. You can detect how near you are to taking them as well and the warning signs of the sunlight:
  • An orange fire Spark effect will start to emanate from her character and then a Ray of light will appear shining from the sky down towards your character
  • After this, the screen will glow brighter over time and then a sound effect will play going louder and louder.

If you are experiencing any of these effects in the game you need to get into the shadows as quickly as possible or you will be dead in seconds.

  1. Always use the right equipment for the job because the gear is everything in V Rising. Not only does it determine what kind of a task you will perform or what kind of enemies you will face. If you face your enemies with the wrong gear then it’s more of a chance that you will die so increase your gear score and update your gear and upgrade your character in order to gain more powerful weapons to defeat your enemy easily.
  2. Whenever you feed on an enemy in we rising your blood type changes and you adopt some of the qualities of the particular creature that you just fell upon for example when you are feeling from a Worker class enemy will give you better mining and gathering abilities. But feeding on a creature class enemy we will give you boosted movement speed and sunlight resistance and lastly feeding on a Rogue class enemy will give you increased crit chance and damage potential.  therefore don’t stick to a single blood type and keep using different blood types to your advantage.
  3. The map is a very useful and magnificent tool for new V Rising players. Unlike many survival games, there is procedural terrain in this game. The map will always be the same and you can learn all the regions and visit them periodically in order to gain more resources or fight new Enemies and increase your gear and upgrade your character. The most important regions will be already dotted on the map and you can visit them whenever you want and complete the Quest or defeat the enemies there. And the map is really helpful when you want to find some specific resources or a specific item to complete one of your quests.

These were a few tricks that you can apply while playing V Rising in order to increase your chances of winning a game more easily and more quickly.

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