How to Get Sunflower Seed in V Rising

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You can perform a variety of strange yet fascinating activities in V Rising that aren’t generally available in other MMORPGs. Despite the game’s dark and mysterious atmosphere and gameplay centred on vampires, there is one relatively surprising gaming mechanism. You can genuinely build a farm as a Vampire.

You will most likely travel to the Dunley Farmland after leaving the first location of the game. However, you will quickly find that all of the monsters in this region are quite powerful, and in order to have a chance against them, you must build stronger weapons like Iron weapons as well as gear that increases HP. 

Sunflower is required for this, and what better way to cultivate sunflower than on your own farm? This article will guide you on how to get Sunflower seed in V Rising.

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Getting Sunflower Seed in V Rising

When you view the Map of Dunley Farmland, you will notice that sunflower is a plentiful resource in the region’s core. To obtain sunflower seeds, simply go to sunflower fields and kill the sunflower plants. On the map, this is the best sunflower spot.

Sunflower seeds are more difficult to obtain, and you do not obtain them by destroying plants, as you may have done with other plants in the early stages of the game. Instead, in V Rising, you must visit the same sunflower farms but destroy all of the boxes and other things in the area in order to obtain the sunflower seeds. 

Sunflower seeds will fall from one of these boxes. The drop rate is arbitrary, and you will not find it on every farm. However, if you go to a few fields, you should be able to obtain sunflower seeds.

So, in V Rising, it was all about acquiring sunflower seeds. See our other V Rising guides.

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