How to Get Scales for Tier 3 Armour in V Rising

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V Rising, the latest survival game in town, has already created a reputation for itself. In V Rising, your character must survive in the brutal world of vampires. The game is filled with magical abilities and battles with a variety of opponents and monsters in the wild. 

Build your fortress in a mysterious, ever-changing open environment. The gothic realm is full of risks and nightmares where you will rule the night yet fear the light. T3 armour is V Rising’s end-game equipment. This armour, like other end-game armour in survival games, takes a large amount of T3 materials to create. One of these resources is scales. This guide will show you where to get Scales in V Rising to build Tier armour.

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Getting Scales for Tier 3 Armour

This material, like Scales or Chitin, in other survival games, may be obtained from dead creepy crawlies in V Rising. So keep an eye out for any type of spider. However, before you go searching the entire globe for little spiders, you should start with the huge ones. Scales can be obtained in one of three ways:

Spider Cave Loot

This is the finest spot to constantly farm Scales. There will be lots of spiders to kill, and you will be rewarded with Scales. The resource drop region is already mentioned in the significant loot tooltip. This region may get competitive in PvP servers.


While fishing might provide you with a wealth of materials and recipes, it is always hit or miss. You must also be skilled at striking the fish with the Fishing Rod. There’s a chance you’ll obtain scales as a prize if you strike the fish. Because the majority of resource drops are location-based, scales may not even drop for you. Fishing is only advised if you are not levelled or prepared to take on monsters or spiders. 

Frog & Worms Swamp Area

This region is packed with fish, frogs, and worms. Take them out and gather the resources. Continue farming scales for a bit if you’re in the mood. To repair your armour and construct stronger armour for your servants, you’ll need roughly 2500-3000 scales.

So, if you haven’t discovered the Tier 3 armour scales yet, go collect them in the areas mentioned above and start creating your T3 armour.

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