V Rising Kriig the Undead General Location and How to Beat

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V Rising’s new Gloomrot update brings new enemies and new bosses to find. One of the bosses added to the new update is Kriig the Undead General. Formerly, this enemy was not listed as a V Blood carrier boss but was instead a regular enemy called the Undead General. But now you can kill Kriig the Undead General and unlock new recipes for the Skeleton Priest and the Reaper, as well as unlock the Ward of the Damned ability. In this guide, we will see where to find Kriig and how to beat him in V Rising.

V Rising Kriig the Undead General Location and How to Beat

Kriig the Undead General is a new level 44 V Blood boss you can find in the new Gloomrot update. Here we will see how to find and defeat him in V Rising.

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Kriig the Undead General Location in V Rising

Kriig can be found in the Haunted Iron Mine area, similar to the Undead General in the earlier versions. You have to explore the mines a bit to bump into him, but he will be roaming the area frequently.

How to Beat Kriig the Undead General in V Rising

Kriig the Undead General is somewhat similar to its earlier characteristics as the Undead General. He has a few basic attacks and can deal magic damage as well as summon minions.

  • Since Kriig is a level 44 boss, you need to come prepared with upgraded gear, spells, and weapons.  
  • Kriig can summon two types of minions; archers and melee warriors. They will appear very frequently, so try to take them down quickly
  • The Undead General can also do a melee spin attack with his reaper and bridge the gap between the two of you. If you see that then you should quickly dodge.
  • He will also send out three anchors to drag you toward him and deal damage
  • Kriig can produce an AoE called Ward of the Damned, which will produce extra minions and also deal magical damage.
  • To avoid his attacks, it is best to be on the move and keep running
  • Take out the minions quickly, then use ranged attacks and spells to deal damage to Kriig
  • Most of his attacks can be dodged, but the minion archers can be a pain. Keep running around the arena and deal ranged damage
  • Eventually, you can bring him down with little to no effort if you have high leveled gear and spells.

That’s all there is to know about defeating Kriig the Undead General in V Rising. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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