V Rising – How to Disable Global Chat

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V Rising is the latest released vampire survival game that has earned huge popularity within a few hours. If you have played the multiplayer survival games before, you are aware of the voice chat feature that players use to communicate between teammates; V Rising has brought a brand-new feature called Global Chat. This Global chat allows players to chat with other players on the server at that time.

If you feel annoyed by the Global Chat, you can adjust the specifications of the Global Chat; even you can turn it off. This guide will help you know how you can turn off Global Chat in V Rising.

Disable Global Chat in V Rising – How to Do?

V Rising has an inbuilt voice chat feature that will allow you to talk to a nearby player, but this Global Chat is not verbal communication. Instead, if your Global Chat is on, you can see a box on the top left corner of your screen where the other players’ chats will appear, and you can also chat with them. If you don’t like the chatbox, you can simply turn off the Global Chat. Follow the below steps to turn off the Global Chat-

  1. Go to the Main Menu of V Rising.
  2. Inside Resume Menu, you’ll get the Options tab
  3.  Under Option Tab, you’ll see the Interface
  4. Interface tab contains the Global Chat option.
  5. On the right side, you’ll see ‘Show Global Chat’ and a little box beside it.
  6. If the box has a white dot inside means your Global Chat is on. Click on the box to turn off the Global Chat.

Once you turn off the Global Chat, you’ll no longer see the chatbox on your game screen. Also, if you want to adjust the chatbox size, you can do it from the same menu. Follow the same process if you want to turn on the global chat in the future.

That’s all you need to know about how to turn off Global Chat in V Rising. If you are annoyed by the continuous appearance of the box on your screen, follow our guide to know how you can turn off the Global Chat and make the box disappear.

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