How to Unlock General’s Soul Reaper in V Rising

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V Rising, the next survival game from Stunlock Studios, requires players to study and master an array of lethal weapons and diabolical skills. While there are other weapons in the game, none compare to the powerful General’s Soul Reaper.

With this final weapon, you will certainly become one of the most powerful vampires on your server. This articlel will show you how to unlock the General’s Soul Reaper in V Rising, as well as where to obtain all of the components needed to create it, thereby turning you into every player’s worst nightmare.

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What is General’s Soul Reaper?

The General’s Soul Reaper is a two-handed weapon that does slash damage and deals more effective damage to undead. The Level 18 Gear has excellent attributes such as +18.5 Physical Power, +25 Physical Damage against Undead, +6 Spell Power, and +5 Spell Critical Strike Chance.

You’ll need the weapon’s blueprint, as well as the Smithy (unlocked after defeating the boss Quincey the Bandit King) and the following biomaterial:

  • 12x Plank
  • 90x Gem Dust
  • 3x Regular Miststone
  • 3x Greater Blood Essence 
  • 18x Iron Ingots 

Some of these substances, as you may have noted, are usually only available in the endgame.

Unlocking General’s Soul Reaper in V Rising

Miststones may be obtained from any place that has Gem Veins, such as Bedrock Pass in the northeastern Dunley Farmlands. Otherwise, there are several farming areas across the Farbane Woods. There will also be Gem Dust available.

Greater Blood Essence may be obtained by putting 4x Unsullied Hearts through the Blood Press or by defeating Tristan the Vampire Hunter and creating it with Blood Essence, as outlined in our Unsullied Hearts guide.

To obtain the Iron Ingots, you must first mine Iron Ore, ideally in the Haunted Iron Mine, and then process it with a Furnace. Finally, Plank may be obtained by collecting Wood. Then, from your Blood Altar, locate the Level 46 monster, Leandra the Shadow Priestess. Prepare for a fight since you’ll need to beat her to gain the Jewlcrafting Table (which takes 1x Greater Blood Essence, 12x Glass, and 16x Iron Ingots) and the Scourgestone crafting recipe.

Assuming you’ve obtained the necessary biomaterial, you’ll need to proceed visit the Church of the Damned in Vardoran’s northern outskirts. Once there, you must battle the Undead Commander in order to get the General’s Soul Reaper blueprint. This adversary may spawn in the Church of the Damned, which makes it relatively convenient.

We recommend clearing out the hostile mobs in the region before facing the Undead Commander, who has an undetermined chance of dropping the General’s Soul Reaper blueprint (Orb of Knowledge). You must eat the orb before proceeding to the Smithy, where you will (at long last) be able to build the weapon.

With the General’s Soul Reaper in your control, going up against specific bosses and harvesting other resources to develop your vampire empire will be easy. Aside from that, the reaper possesses an AoE spell that delivers a lot of damage. Basically, it’s a badass weapon that you must have.

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