5 Things V Rising Doesn’t Tell You

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V Rising can sometimes be a very complicated game that only shows you very little information in order to proceed with the game and there are a lot of mechanics and features which are involved in the game that are essential in order to move forward but due to the lack of information many players are confused and that’s why they can’t progress in the game properly. We have compiled a list of five things that V Rising isn’t telling you about so that you can play the game in a better way and understand things whatever is going on in the game so that you can improve your gameplay and move forward in the game.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About V Rising

  1. Quests are very essential to your progression in the game: 

Completing quests is a key component and when you complete different quests you will unlock vital mechanics and features such as castles, new abilities and the important aspect of building fundamentals that you will need in order to progress in the game. A few of those key things that you need to build first of all are the Blood Altar to hunt V Bloods and then walls for the castle and then structures for the castle so that your base can become more secure from Rival Vampire clans and obviously from the scorching Sun.

  1. You can speed up your resource gathering by using the correct tools:

Resources can take a while to get into your account when you are gathering them. In order to speed up this process of gathering resources, you have to use the correct tools which I mean Swords, that have a greater effect on vegetation and thickets. Then comes Axes, which have a greater effect on the wood, and finally Maces, which have a greater effect on minerals and rocks.

  1. You can start destroying your surrounding environment to gain key materials and when exploring some abandoned farms or other fields you will come across scarecrows. Destroying the scarecrows will reward you with plant fibers and planks. What is handy about this is that planks can normally only be found after being refined at a sawmill so gathering these resources early will help you build a healthy start as planks are heavily required material.
  2. When you are first starting out in V Rising it is best to avoid the northern regions because traveling too far into the northern regions can be a little challenging as a new player. You won’t have any advanced weapons or powers but you will face challenges and enemies and V Bloods will become a little harder to get if you are looking to gather resources then travel to the northern regions with the sole purpose of unlocking the Waygates and Cave passages is definitely recommended as this will help you explain the areas you can explore.
  1. It is very important to note that you can only trade with merchants when you are in your Human Form but first, you have to unlock the human form and in order to unlock the human form you have to beat Beatrice the Tailor and only after you have beaten her, you will get the human form and after getting the human form you can go ahead and perform trades with the merchants.
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