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How to Beat Nicholaus the Fallen in V Rising

V Rising comes with a bunch of interesting game elements that help to set the game apart from other vampire games on the market. These include castle building and unique combat that does not suck. The game also includes 13 bosses to beat in the Farbane Woods area. These boss fights can become particularly demanding and difficult, but V Rising is not a Soulsborne game, so you need not worry.

Nicholaus the Fallen is the last of the 13 bosses available in the Farbane Woods area of the game. Thus, it makes sense he will be the hardest fight in all of V Rising. So, let us look at ways to defeat this boss, and claim the rewards.

Where to Find the Boss Nicholaus the Fallen in V Rising?

Finding Nicholaus the Fallen is not the hardest you will come across in V Rising. He resides in the Forgotten Cemetry, just southwest of the Farbane Woods area where the bandit camp and the second-last boss of the game, Quincey the Bandit King, can be found.

What Gear is Recommended for Beating Nicholaus the Fallen?

Nicholaus the Fallen is almost as hard as Quincey the Bandit King. You need to have at least the Merciless Nightstalker armor and the Merciless Copper weapons set equipped.

Having a lot of iron equipment will help in defeating the boss. You also need to have a bunch of Blood Rose Brew to heal yourself as defeating Nicholaus the Fallen will take a while. Shielding powers or AOE will also help when Nicholaus spawns a lot of skeletons.

How to Beat Nicholaus the Fallen While Playing the Game Solo?

You need to keep a few things in mind while trying to defeat Nicholaus the Fallen. These include:

  1. Deal with the skeletons Nicholaus summons from the ground as quickly as possible. The boss will summon armored skeletons once his health is low. As soon as these skeletons appear, your priority would be to try and obliterate them as soon as possible. Once they start piling up, they will become a serious issue to deal with within a few waves.
  2. Nicholaus’ projectiles explode in contact with you or other environmental objects. So, try to stay away from the walls and other objects lying nearby.
  3. Try to stay away from the place where he teleports. He causes everyone nearby to fear, so staying away will help you in dealing with the boss rather than getting locked up in his spell.


V Rising, the vampire survival game, is finally out. It is extremely fun. The developers, Stunlock Studios, call it a “genre-defining” title. It comes with base-building elements, in which you are required to build, expand and protect a castle. The castle is the heart of V Rising gameplay. Apart from this, the game comes with 13 bosses that you can beat either solo or with friends in a PVP mode. Quincey the Bandit King is one such boss that comes late in the game. Beating him is not an easy task, so we will give you some tips and guide you through the process in this article.

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Where to Find the Boss Quincey the Bandit King in V Rising?

As the name suggests, Quincey the Bandit King is the king of the bandits in the game. The boss can thus be found at the Bandit Stronghold at the north of the Farben Woods area in the game. The entrance gate needs to be rigged with explosives to get an entrance into this area. These minor explosives can be made with alchemy, and it is not a difficult task.

What Gear is Recommended for Beating Quincey the Bandit King?

To beat Quincey the Bandit King, we recommend you to have at least Merciless Nightstalker armor and Merciless Copper weapons equipped. Quincey the Bandit King has an aggressive AI, and it will take some time to beat him. Thus, you should also have loads of Blood Rose Brew equipped to heal yourself in the fight.

How to Beat Quincey the Bandit King While Playing the Game Solo?

Beating Quincey the Bandit King is not an easy task. The kind comes with a lot of health to deplete, and its AI is very aggressive. This makes killing the boss a difficult job. Also, Quincey’s special moves are difficult to trace. He wields a shield and attacks with it. These attacks are marked with a dark red color, and they cause damage over time, even after you are hit. These attacks are coupled with charges from a distance. Quincey will smash his shield at you, thereby taking away a huge portion of your health.

When you have depleted enough of Quincey’s health, he attacks in streaks. These streaks usually involve 3 consecutive hits. During these hits, if you manage to directly at the wall, the boss will be left stunned for a few seconds. You can use this duration to your advantage and perform a combo on the King or heal yourself up.

What Rewards do you Get for Defeating Nicholaus the Fallen in V Rising?

After you manage to successfully beat Nicholaus the Fallen in V Rising, you get the Pestilence and the Ward of the Damned Powers. Additionally, you also unlock the Study structure to build in your castle.

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