All V Rising Soul Shards – How to Get and Effects

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If you are playing V Rising, you already understand that there is no shortage of items in the game. Featuring numerous items is a common feature in almost every survival game, but every item you get or craft is not equally useful. Likewise, in V Rising, some items or equipment are more important than others, and Soul Shards are among them.

This guide will help you know about Soul Shards and how to use them in V Rising.

V Rising Soul Shards Guide – Bonuses and Acquiring Process

Soul Shards are not items that players can use from the beginning of the game. Instead, they are late-game items that boost various stats of the players. Soul Shards are available as you progress towards the last mission of V Rising. The number of Soul shards also differs according to the mode you are playing. If you are playing PvE, there are multiple Soul Shards available, while in the PvP mode, only one Soul Shard of each type is featured. In PvP mode, players need to fight with each other to get the Soul Shard.

The Best way to get a Soul Shard is to build an Eye of Twilight (Put 4 Spectral Dust and 4 Gold Ingot in Furnace). This structure will be unlocked eventually as you progress through the main story. Once your Eye of Twilight is set, you can take its help to track the locations of the Shards. The Shards are always on the Bosses in PvE mode, and in the PvP mode, sometimes, you have to steal it from other players as there is only a few Soul Shard.

Once you get a Soul Shard, players can use it anytime, and the bonuses will work for two hours after you use it. Below we are giving the list of bonuses-

Winged Horror Soul Shard

  • Increase critical hit chance (spell) by 5%
  • Increase fire and silver resistance by 50%
  • Increase Spell Power by 10%

Soul Shard of Solarus

  • Increase Physical Power by 10%
  • Give Sun Resistance 50%
  • Increase Melee Attack Speed by 5%

Soul Shard of Behemoth

  • Increase the movement speed by 5%
  • Increase resource gathering by 20%
  • Increase Holy and Garlic Resistance by 50%

These are all the Soul Shards and their effects in V Rising. If you are playing PvP and you have the Soul Shard, be careful because other players can see the location of the Soul Shard in the Eye of Twilight and may steal it from you.

However, if you are playing V Rising, and haven’t yet gotten the location of the Soul Shard, check out our guide for help.

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