V Rising: Where to Find Leandra The Shadow Priestess Location

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V Rising provides a wide range of bosses that you will uncover as you go. All of these bosses have their own blood that you may drink to acquire high-quality talents and improve your survival. These bosses may be tracked using a specific item.

When it comes to accessing new technologies and abilities, V Rising takes an intriguing method. This method in a vampire game concentrates on tracking down and removing creatures and individuals with unique blood. The V Blood Carriers are powerful game enemies. They demand a lot of skill and practice. 

Leandra One such late-game V Blood Carrier is the Shadow Priest. We shall tell you where Leandra The Shadow Priestess was and how and where you may find him in this book V Rising.

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Location of Leandra The Shadow Princess

To begin your adventure, you must first achieve a particular level in this game when the blood altar is accessible. The blood altar will assist you in tracking down bosses and gathering a wealth of information about them.

Then, when looking for her, use the Blood Tracking option while viewing her entry on the Blood Altar. Follow this and you’ll get right to her. She dwells in the Dunley Farmlands’ northernmost enclave. 

This place has been shown on the map below for your convenience. You will locate Leandra after you arrive. She’s a level 46er, so make sure you have the necessary gear and power to handle her. In any case, be prepared for a difficult fight, as most bosses are. The Church of the Damned is where you will find Leandra the Shadow Priestess. She’ll be wandering around in that neighbourhood. 

Leandra The Shadow Princess Boss Rewards

For beating Leandra, you will earn the following rewards:

  • Vampire Power – Spectral Assassin
  • Structure – Jewelcrafting Table
  • Recipe – Skeleton Priest
  • Recipe – Scourge Pendant
  • Recipe – Scourgestone

Leandra has various powerful attacks of her own that can be countered with any defensive spell. In order to survive and defeat Leandra, you must utilise only iron weapons in this battle.

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