V Rising Angram the Purifier Location and How to Beat

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V Rising brings new bosses in its latest Secrets of Gloomrot update, and one of the more formidable bosses you will encounter is Angram the Purifier. This level 60 exterminator boss deals Chaos damage, and upon defeat, you can get the Chaos Barrier Ability, Mutated Rat, Major Explosives, and Irradiant Gruel recipes. But before you can get your hands on those, you need to find and defeat Angram first. In this guide, we will see how to find and defeat Angram the Purifier in V Rising.

V Rising Angram the Purifier Location and How to Beat

Angram the Purifier deals Chaos damage over a large area, so here we have compiled some handy tips to take him down. Here we will see how to defeat Angram in V Rising.

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Angram the Purifier Location in V Rising

You can find Angram in the Pools of Rebirth area, Gloomrot. This level 60 boss can be found in the new Gloomrot region. 

How to Beat Angram the Purifier in V Rising

Angram is quite tough as he takes cover behind a Chaos Shield, but you can still defeat him with the right gear and weapons. 

  • Angram uses his machine gun arms to launch balls of Chaos on the ground and create an AoE
  • His range can go far, so it is best to stay close to him and deal damage.
  • The only time his shield is down is when he lunges toward or away from you
  • He will also take a swipe at you with his machine arms when you get close
  • Stay behind him at all times when his shield is lowered
  • When he is spewing his chaos orbs, keep your distance and run in circles to avoid them
  • You will know where they land by the red circle indication on the floor
  • Angram does not move around much except while lunging, so you can keep trying to attack him up close
  • Any high-damaging spells can also work if you want to deal ranged damage
  • You have to be persistent and keep pushing toward him to wear him down

The key here is to keep upgrading your gear and weapons to deal with Angram the Purifier’s chaos attacks, and eventually, you will defeat him. If you like this V Rising guide, you can check out our other guides as well. 

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