How to Find and Use Cave Passages in V Rising

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Fast Travel is a common feature in survival games, and almost every survival game has this feature in common. V Rising also has the fast travel feature, and players can fast travel in the game using either Waygates or Cave Passages. Waygates are a popular way to fast travel from one place to another, but you can also use Cave Passages. They are also excellent.

This guide will help you know how to find and use Cave Passages in V Rising.

Cave Passages in V Rising – Location and Use

In V Rising, the players can’t use Waygates while carrying resources with them, but if you use the Cave Passages, you can fast travel to any location with all your resources. You don’t need to drop anything. Cave Passages are not as common as the Waygates; instead, there are only a few Cave Passages available in V Rising. These Cave Passages are scattered over the map, and we’ll give you the locations below-

1. Cave Passage 1: Entrance- Dunley Farmlands, Exit- Farbane Woods

2. Cave Passage 2: Entrance- Cursed Forest, Exit- Farbane Woods

3. Cave Passage 3: Entrance- Cursed Forest, Exit- Dunley Farmlands

4. Cave Passage 4: Entrance- Silverlight Hills, Exit- Farbane Woods

There is two more Cave Passage that we recently found after writing the post. We have highlighted them in the below image.

There is another one in Cursed Forest making it two for the region and possibly one in Silverlight Hills. So, in total there may be 8 Cave Passages in the game.

These are the Cave Passage Entrances and Exits in V Rising. To fast travel through a Cave Passage, first, find a glowing crack on the cave-like entrance. Go near it and interact with it. Once you interact, you’ll be teleported to another part of the map, where the exit is located. This whole travel process will be completed instantly, and you’ll reach another location without losing anything. But the problem is that these Cave Passages will take you to a specific location. You can’t select where you want to go. Once you enter a Cave Passage, it’ll take you to its exit location. But you can safely run away from enemies using these Cave Passages and carry every loot and resource you gather.

That’s all you need to know about finding and using Cave Passages in V Rising. In most cases, you can’t reach these Cave Passages in human form r Vampire form. You must transform into a wolf or bear form to access them. Additionally, the Bat form is needed to travel through the Cave Passages.

However, if you are curious about the Cave Passages in V Rising, check out our guide to get the required information.

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