How to Build Waygates in V Rising

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Stunlock Studios’ environment in their brand new vampire survival game V Rising is vast and full of stuff for players to explore and climb as strong vampires. However, when a world is so huge, it can become monotonous to explore, turning many gamers off to the notion of exploration.

V Rising handles this problem via Waygates, a type of teleportation or fast travel that players may not only utilise but also develop to make exploring the environment simpler. Today will show you how to make your own Waygates in V Rising and get you started exploring the enormous realm of V Rising.

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Building Waygates in V Rising

Waygates are a type of rapid travel in V Rising’s world. These waygates connect to other ones in the globe and allow for immediate teleportation between them. It should be noted, however, that in order to utilise them, players must be carrying anything other than equipment or consumables, therefore all treasure must be relinquished before utilising them.

You can travel about quicker and keep all of the treasure you desire on your person by riding a horse in the game. We’ve put up a comprehensive guide on how to obtain a horse in V Rising that you can read.

Another drawback is the limited amount of available waygates; there are just a few distributed over the planet, making them fairly difficult to reach. However, this is when making your own comes in useful.

To begin constructing their Waygate, players must first kill Polora the Feywalker, a level 34 boss found in the Gleaming Meadows, far west of Farbane Woods. Because she is a little higher-level monster, we recommend fighting her with iron weapons, as she fights from a distance with strong ghostly orbs and a phantom wolf.

Resources needed to build Waygates

Blood Essence 200xObtained by fighting humanoid beings and extracting their blood before killing them.
20x PlankMade by feeding lumber through your sawmill.
20x Copper IngotMined from orange rocks all over the globe or the Copper mines in Farbane Woods, then processed into copper ingots in a furnace.
10x Gem DustEarned by using Gems on any of the game’s Grinders.

Once you acquire the resources, you may build your Waygate almost anyplace on your territory, such as your castle, and it will link to any of the permanent waygates around the globe.

Also, you can only use the waygates you create, so you don’t have to worry about other players using your waygate to reach your castle if you’re playing on a public server.

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