Where to Find Copper Ore in V Rising

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In the V Rising game, you must obtain resources in order to manufacture stronger equipment or improve your base gear. You can build the copper equipment before you craft the leather equipment and enhance it. Refining and mining Copper is one of the first achievements in V Rising, at least after you install your Castle Heart and construct some shelter.

Following that, copper will be one of the most often necessary materials for upgraded weapons and gears, as well as the more complex crafting stations that will inhabit your expanding home. So, if you wish to farm copper, this guide has all the information you need.

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How to Find Copper Ore in V Rising

You’ll probably need copper for better equipment and renovating your base, therefore there’s a copper mine near the Farbane Woods. The Bandit Copper Mine is the location to go to receive the Copper Ores and Copper Ingot that you require. This location is rich in Copper Ores, which you may obtain by striking the rocks with the Mace.

This location is west of the Farbane Woods, thus you can reach there without much difficulty. Another advantage of getting copper in this location is that the copper you discover will be in the cave, so there will be no sunlight to contend with, and you can just go there in the daylight and farm the copper through copper ores.

The opponents in this section are likewise not of a very high level; you’ll encounter foes with levels ranging from 16 to 20, which are not particularly difficult. If you wish to farm copper here, you may also place your Castle Heart nearby so you don’t have to go back and forth from your base.

Other materials, such as iron and gem stones, can also be found in this location. You may also locate riches in this cave, and there is a V Blood adversary inside that you can defeat to get new skills and items. Errol the Stonebreaker will be the name of the V Blood.

The land surrounding the Bandit Copper Mine is also highly resourceful, with Woods, Stones, and Animal Hides to be found. So, in the early game, this is the greatest spot to farm Copper and improve your equipment and base.

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