Castle Heart Decay in V Rising Explained

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If you have played a little bit of V Rising, you probably already have placed down a Castle Heart somewhere in the Farbane Woods. But I don’t think you know much about it or how it actually works. Well, everyone knows that it is important but how important it is and what it actually does is the thing that not many people know about. It is also important to understand that you need to keep your Castle Heart fed or it will start decaying over time. If your Castle Heart starts decaying then the whole Castle will be vulnerable to attacks and can even be a takeover by other players.

Let us discuss what the Castle Heart actually is and why is it so important in V Rising.

What is the Castle Heart Decay in V Rising?

The Castle Heart is the most important part of your castle in V Rising. It is the tile from which you start building your Castle. You can construct foundations and walls, can construct structures to gather resources, and even roof for your castle however just like you a Castle Heart also needs blood to survive.

If you don’t supply enough blood essence to your Castle Heart, it will start decaying.  Start interacting with your Castle Heart and you will see a 2×4 grid under “Castle Power” where you can add blood essence. This is what will allow you to power your surrounding buildings and it also fortifies your base against enemy attacks.

Castle Heart will gradually consume the blood essence that you give it so you will need to keep your Castle Heart topped up regularly in order for it to survive. As you keep putting blood essence into the castle heart you will see a timer below which will gradually increase. This timer will tell you how long it will take for your blood essence to be used up by the Castle Heart. When you upgrade the Castle Heart you will be able to unlock more slots within that particular grid which will allow you to place more blood essence in it which will, in turn, give you more time between top-ups.

Once your Castle Heart starts decaying, all the structures associated with it like the sawmills and the furnaces won’t be powered anymore and therefore they wouldn’t work. This will also make the castle more vulnerable to outside attackers.

 Castle decaying is a very slow process without the blood essence the castle’s durability will start to decrease the castle durability is the protection of your walls and structures have against all the enemy attacks usually it’s quite hard for an enemy to break down one of the castles was without a very strong and focus attack but if a castle hard is decaying it will become easier for an enemy to break in and claim all the castle art for themselves.

When your Castle Heart is decaying the walls and other structures of your Castle will have a baby red blood effect running along with them which indicates that your Castle Heart is decaying.  whenever your Castle Heart is about decay, you will get a notification from your app and you can quickly jump and fix it.

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