Weapon Types and Weapon Techniques in V Rising

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V Rising, developed by Stunlock Studios, combines Diablo action with vampire history and survival mechanics. In the iso viewpoint, you travel the open game world as a vampire, defeating foes, gathering resources, and constructing your own fortress. You may establish a clan of four with up to three other players and compete to become the strongest vampire with Dracula-like skills on 40-player servers.

You may beat more than 30 bosses throughout the game to get new talents that you can utilize to construct your own combat style. You can, for example, throw ice arrows at your opponents or transform into animals. Weapons and equipment provide additional benefits and talents that you may utilize to further personalize yourself.

V Rising will have you targeting skill shots and evading missiles utilizing precise WASD controls and cursor-based aiming, which are substantial benefits for those wishing to join in PvP combat.

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Weapon Types in V Rising

V Rising has four weapons that may be made from the Character menu; all of them use relatively common materials. While these weapons aren’t the most powerful, they will serve as your starting point until you acquire the recipes for crafting facilities like the Simple Workbench, Smithy, and Anvil, which all give the opportunity to make higher-grade weapons at a much higher cost.

Following are the types of weapons:

MacesA hefty weapon that does blunt damage and is more effective against minerals and rocks.
AxesDual-wield axes that do more damage to wood and deal more chop damage.
SpearsA long-ranged spear that deals thrust damage to enemies.
CrossbowsA bolt-firing range weapon.
SwordsAn all-purpose weapon that does slash damage and is more effective against plants and thickets.

Weapon Techniques in V Rising

Each weapon type has three distinct Weapon Techniques that are allocated to your action bar. It’s worth noting that all three weapon styles aren’t always available because they’re acquired through the following gear progression.

Following are the techniques of weapons:

1st Weapon TechniquePrimary Attack is now available.
2nd Weapon TechniqueUnlocked by equipping a weapon of Copper or higher grade.
3rd Weapon TechniqueEquip an Iron or higher class weapon to gain access.

V Rising’s combat is more than what meets the eye or what actually it is. Traditional Sword and Axe action have been spiced up with the inclusion of nasty new skills and magical powers that you may unleash against formidable V Blood opponents and other competitor vampires.

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