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How to Get Whetstone in V Rising

Where to Find Whetstone in V Rising

Whetstone is a very important item in V Rising as it’s required to set up one of the most important production units which can then produce other essential resources helping you progress in the game. But, at an early stage, you may not find the item. Even if you do it’s not a sufficient amount. I had some issues at the beginning finding Whetstone. Whetstone like so many other resources can be found in loot or you can make it. Keep reading and we will show you where to find Whetstone and how to make the item.

Where to Find Whetstone in V Rising

Whetstone can mostly be only found in the starting area Farbane Woods. While there are plenty of locations that have the resource, the Bandit camps that have them in multiples are large and can be tough if you have not leveled up. Here is the map location of all the places where you can find the Whetstone in V Rising.

All three areas north have a better chance of dropping Whetstone. We raided all the camps and were able to find 5 Whetstone from the North-West Camp.

Whetstone becomes a more common resource when you are in the Dunley Farmland. In fact, once we started raiding caps and taking down troops in the Dunley Farmland, we did not require to craft the Whetstone anymore. So, if you are above the gear rank 40, you may want to target this area.

How to Craft Whetstone in V Rising

If you want to craft Whetstone in V Rising, you need the Furnace and the recipe to craft the resource. We will update this post on how to unlock the recipe to craft Whetstone in V Rising. That’s all we have in this guide. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.

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