V Rising Release Date – Early Access Confirmed on May 17

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At the core of it, V Rising is an open-world, multiplayer, Vampire survival game, where you wake from a long slumber and need to rebuild everything starting with your castle. Like all survival games, before you proceed with other things, you need to build the base by gathering resources such as wood, stones, etc.

The game also has a variety of bosses and enemies with extraordinary power that you need to counter with your own unique abilities that you gain and grow as you progress through the game. Humans are your source of nourishment and you need to hunt them from nearby settlements for blood. Clan mechanics is vibrant in the game. You can invite other players to join your clan and hunt together to expand the vampire dominion.

V Rising

V Rising from Stunlock Studios offers real-time combat and allows players to engage in PvP and PvE challenges.

Talking about the devs, Stunlock Studios is a Swedish game developer in Skövde, the same city as Iron Gate, the company that made Valheim. While the devs do not have any popular previous projects besides Battlerite, their current work with V Rising seems remarkable. We finally have a gameplay trailer that showcases the game mechanics and various PvE bosses you can encounter in the game.

Some of the revealed features of the game include:

  • Play a vampire that has awakened from a long death-like slumber.
  • Build your castle, fortify and strengthen it to defend against other players.
  • Use human blood for food and enslave them to complete a range of tasks necessary for survival and building your empire.
  • V Rising is open-world with powerful creatures that will challenge your might. Explore the open world for rewards and to increase your abilities.
  • You can choose to play solo or team up with other ambitious vampires in a co-op clan.    

V Rising will be divided into several biomes and sub-biomes, each very distinct from the other. The sub-biomes will be the same theme as the parent biome, but with distinction, players will recognize at first glance. Cursed Forest is a biome that we know of at this time with a sub-biome ‘The Swamp Lands.’


V Rising Release Date

After a very successful closed beta which is currently running, the game will release in Early Access on the 17th of May as confirmed by the developers. That’s just over a month from now. While the devs did not mention other details in their blog

From the current standing, V Rising seems like a promising title. We are excited to get our hands on the game. You can register for beta now, click on the link to register.  

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