How to Build a Castle and its Use in V Rising

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V RIsing, the top-down survival MMORPG focusing on the battle for survival in a vampire-ridden world, is finally out. The game sets its players in a vampire’s shoes and requires them to rebuild the vampire world. Building a castle is very important in the game’s course. This guide will show you how to build a castle in the game and how to use it.

How to Build a Castle in V Rising

Building a castle in V Rising requires you to have a Castle Heart. Having a Castle Heart is extremely necessary as it will reinforce its structure. A Castle Heart will prevent your castle from deteriorating too.

A Castle Heart also requires to be consistently fed with blood. This will keep all of the workstations in action. A blood-fed Castle is also challenging to break into, especially on a PvP server.

If the Castle Heart is maintained properly, the castle almost cannot be defeated, unless the enemies are very well coordinated or have a lot of resources to spend on acquiring it.

What Structures Can Be Built Inside a Castle in V Rising?

Several structures can be built inside a castle in V Rising. These include structures that can be used to upgrade the character’s gear. research new technologies, brew potions, etc. Apart from these structures, you can also use decoration structures to customize the looks of your castle. There are around seven categories to choose from fundamentals, outdoor, castle, production, storage, lighting, and decoration.

V Rising offers a huge variety of customization to choose from. These include a prison, a grand dining hall to share with teammates on a PvP server, and massive graveyards.

What is a Castle Used For in V Rising?

A castle can be used to hide from the scorching heat of the sun. This will help you to survive in the vampire world. It can also be used to securely store your possessions. A castle is the most important structure you will need to progress in V Rising. A castle can range from a small perimeter with a few essential structures to a grand building you spent months building.

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