How to Beat Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising

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Stunlock Studios’ V Rising is a web-based, open-world Vampire survival game. As a vampire, you will enjoy rising from the ashes as you seek blood from unwary communities dispersed around the ever-changing and intriguing region of Vardoran.

When first starting out, it is strongly advised that you avoid traveling too far north because the more north you travel, the more tough opponents and V Blood carriers might be.

As you begin to explore Vardoran, you will most likely come across traveling stores along the routes of Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands. 

Unfortunately, when trying to sell them in Vampire form, the same shops are unpleasant. As an alternative, you might use the Vampire Energy, Human Type, which is obtained through the level 38 V Blood service, Beatrice the Tailor. When Human Type is enabled, you can prowl around among human communities unobserved.

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How to Beat Beatrice The Tailor in V Rising

Beatrice the Tailor can be located in Dawnbreak Village, which is also where you may loot fabric from various items and storage. Beating this opponent grants the player the ability to produce fabric, as well as the Loom, with which you may create cloth.

Beatrice the Tailor is one of the most amusing V Rising boss battles since it isn’t really a fight at all. She’s an elderly lady who just seeks to flee. That’s not to imply you won’t face opposition. She is in the midst of a rather populated community. Focus on doing damage to Beatrice while keeping the other opponents off your back as much as possible, and you should be able to beat this defenseless old lady in no time.

It is tough, but not impossible, to defeat Beatrice on your own. Attempt to wipe away as many garbage mobs as possible across the town. Then, try your best to keep her from fleeing too far away; Beatrice will run until either you or she is dead.

Rewards for Beating Beatrice The Tailor

Following are the rewards that you get after beating the Beatrice The Tailor in V Rising:

  • Recipe – Hunter’s Cloak
  • Recipe – Cloth
  • Recipe – Cotton Yarn
  • Vampire Power – Human Form 
  • Structure – Loom
  • Structure – Assortment of Curtains

Beatrice the Tailor is simple to defeat, but you must be able to cope with mobs. Make sure you have at least the third layer of armour and concentrate on taking escape or defensive spells in case you become surrounded by hordes.

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