How to Get Human Form in V Rising

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V Rising is a vampire survival game released on early access on 17th May 2022. In this game, the players will become the Vampire who was in a dead-like slumber for centuries, and then he awakens. The three main objectives of the players are to Build their Castle, Hunt for Blood, and Rise in Power.

When you first wake up as a Vampire, you become very weak as you have lost all your powers. Therefore, it is better to avoid powerful enemies at the beginning, and to avoid them, sometimes, you need to activate the human form. This guide will help you know how to activate the human form in V Rising.

How to Unlock Human Form in V Rising

As you progress and start exploring Vardoran, you’ll definitely visit Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands in V Rising. There you’ll encounter traveling merchants on the roads of these two places. Though these merchants have a lot of items to trade, they don’t trade with Vampires. Instead, they become hostile if they meet a Vampire. So, you must be careful of these merchants and activate your Human Form to deal with them safely.

The Human Form is not something you’ll get as a default ability. You have to unlock it. It can only be unlocked by the level 47 V Blood Carrier, Bane the Shadowblade. Once the Human Form is unlocked and activated, players can switch from the Vampire form to Human Form and trade with the traders, roam around, or sneak into human settlements without any trouble.

Click here for Bane the Shadowblade Location

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock Human Form in V Rising. If you are looking for a guide to know how to activate the human form in V Rising, check out our guide for relevant information.

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