Is Arachnophobia Mode Coming to V Rising?

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V Rising is a popular vampire survival game where you have to navigate the overworld and gain powers to fight your enemies. The game has grown in popularity for its various features like crafting, exploration, and defeating bosses. Since V Rising heavily relies on morbid and gothic themes, the enemies in the game also reflect it. You will encounter mutants, werewolves, and vampire hunters on your journey. There is even a giant spider boss and spider youngling enemies in the game, which makes it difficult for certain players to come to terms with continuing to play.

Some players have voiced out their irrational fear of spiders, and wish for the game devs to implement a sort of Arachnophobia Mode. The mode is supposed to help players overcome their fear of these pixelated spiders in V Rising, either by morphing them into another creature or changing their form and color entirely. So far, no such feature exists that will help change any of the creatures’ features in the game, and this applies to all enemies, NPCs, and boss encounters.

Where are Spiders Located in V Rising

Earlier, spiders were vastly located in the Cursed Forest region, which could be easily avoided if necessary. But with the new Secrets of Gloomrot update, these eight-legged creatures have found their new homes in other parts of the map. What makes it even more difficult is the inclusion of a spider boss called Ungora The Spider Queen. Defeating the boss will help unlock new crafting recipes and new powers, but players who have Arachnophobia are unable to make any progress.

When Will V Rising Have Arachnophobia Mode?

There are no talks of Stunlock Studios even acknowledging this plea, as it will change the horror and gothic elements of V Rising. While games like Grounded welcomed players having Arachnophobia by implementing a mode just for them, Stunlock Studios are yet to respond to the suggestion. The only thing players can do for now is avoid playing the game entirely or start a petition to get spiders banned from V Rising.

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