How to Defeat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising

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Vampire survival game V Rising has been consistently gaining more and more popularity since its recent release. The game has a lot of bosses that players can defeat as they delve into the world of vampires and their enemies. Keep in mind that these monsters will become only more and more powerful as you go through them, and you will need to keep your gear and armor level up as well. This guide will take you through the process of how to beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising.

How to Beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising

Ungora the Spider Queen is one of the bosses that can be found in Cursed Forest—actually the lowest level boss in this region as they are a level 60 boss. Even then, they will be extremely powerful and you should be well prepared with at least level 60 gear and weapons, and have a support team on your side. 

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You will find Ungora in the center of the Cursed Forest where you will need to be wary of the spiders. The boss is also capable of spawning spiders so make sure to take them out first. This place is a great area to farm silk.

Melee attacks are good for this boss as long as you can avoid their poisonous claws. The boss will shoot out green projectiles that you need to dodge, and ensure that you do not stand in the magic circles. The battle should be a comparatively easy one if you have the correct gear.

Once you have defeated Ungora the Spider Queen you will receive the power of the Flying Arachnid which summons multiple spiderlings that track enemies and explode when they are close to them to deal 100 magic damage. It additionally leaves a poisonous cloud that deals magic damage and slows down enemies by 25%.

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