Dracula’s Relics DLC Pack in V Rising – What does it Contain

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V Rising was released only a few days back, and it has come to the list of top 10 Steam Games. Players love the experience of becoming a Vampire and blood hunting. If you are a video game lover and play online video games, DLC Pack is not a new thing for you. Every other online game includes DLC Packs that contain new characters, cosmetics, weapons, etc. V Rising also has a DLC Pack named Dracula’s Relics DLC Pack. This guide will discuss what this Pack contains and if it is worth buying. 

Does the Dracula’s Relics DLC Pack Worth purchase in V Rising?

V Rising has gained more than expected popularity in this short period, and players are still excited about the game. Like every other game in V Rising, Dracula’s Relics DLC Pack brings some items for the players, and it costs $ 9.99. However, before you purchase the DLC Pack, you should first know what this DLC Pack contains. Below we are giving the list of the items:

  1. The Immortal King’s Greathelm
  2. The Royal Pattern Stone Floors
  3. The Royal Coffin
  4. Royal Carpets
  5. Royal Braziers with Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Yellow, White flames
  6. The Royal Gate Castle Doors
  7. The Royal Throne
  8. The Immortal King’s Drape, Mantle, and Clock
  9. Glass Window: Royal Red and Black
  10. Glass Window: Royal Black and Red
  11. Exterior Royal Walls Pillar Wallpaper
  12. Interior Royal Walls Pillar Wallpaper
  13. Exterior Royal Walls Wallpaper
  14. Interior Royal Walls Wallpaper

These are the items and accessories available in the Dracula’s Relics DLC Pack. If you purchase and use the things, you’ll have whole new clothing, look, and decoration of your Castle. If you want to customize your character and castle, you should definitely purchase the DLC Pack. Otherwise, purchase or not, it won’t affect your game because you’ll not be going to have a new weapon or gear from this Pack. This DLC Pack is worth buying for players who want to give their Vampire character and Castle a new look.

That’s all you need to know about the Dracula’s Relics DLC Pack in V Rising. If you are confused if you should buy the DLC Pack or not, check out our guide for required information.

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