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How to Get Rat Form in V Rising

V Rising is a game where you can take different forms and can transform into different entities. Each transformation has different benefits which you can gain by absorbing different creatures. You will get different abilities and special powers depending on what you are transforming into. You can even get a power that will let you slip through enemy strongholds while being undetected or become faster. In this guide, we will explain to you how you can transform into a rat in V Rising.

How to Transform into Rat Form in V Rising

You will acquire the transformation ability by extracting the V Blood of an enemy called Putrid Rat. You will be able to track all the bosses from the Blood Altar in your base and can also see their exact location. You can get there by following the red blood trails from the blood altar to the boss location but the Putrid Rat is actually a different kind of Boss. You don’t have to go anywhere in order to find Putrid Rat, you can summon it right in your base. The first thing you need to do in order to summon Putrid Rat in your base is to build a Vermin Nest structure. You can find this in your structure tab and it will cost you about 360 stones and 120 bones. Put the Vermin Nest structure in your Castle then start interacting with it and you would see different kinds of refinement options one of them would be Putrid Rat. After the refinements are completed, the Putrid Rat boss will show up and that blood track option would be available.

 The Putrid Rap that would require a few items to be summoned:

  • 1 Twilight Snapper.
  • 4 Fish Bon
  •  Grave dust.

You’ll be able to find most of these resources in the Forgotten Cemetery and in the Bandit camps. You can also find these sources in the chest and all The Bandit camps.  in order to get the Twilight Snapper, you need to get a fishing rod which you have to craft at the workbench then just go to the blue areas of the map which are obviously the Ponds, and start fishing and you will eventually find the Twilight Snapper. 

Once you have all the resources just put them all in the Vermin Nest and it will take about 25 to 30 seconds to craft the boss Putrid Rat.

Once the Putrid Rat has been summoned, you have to defeat it and then absorb the creature in order to get their V Blood. Once you absorb the Putrid Rat, you will get the option to transform into a rat. This is a very useful power you would need when you are in some other base and you want to enter/escape there without anyone noticing.

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