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Keely the Frost Archer is one of the initial bosses in the vampire survival game V Rising. Finding and defeating her is an easy task. You also need to defeat her early on in the game as it will unlock the first potion you can use in your combat. In this article, we will guide you through the “finding Keely the Frost Archer” process.

What Gear is Recommended for Beating Keely the Frost Archer?

Although defeating Keely the Frost Archer is an easy task, she has some tricks up her sleeve that can cause some serious issues during the battle. However, most of her attacks and moves are nearly useless in front of strong armor, and thus you can easily kill Keely with decent gear.

You should at least upgrade your Gear to level 20, as the game suggests.

To get to level 20, you need a workbench and furnace and make the following items:

  1. A copper spear.
  2. A full set of Plated Boneguard Armor
  3. A Blood Rose Ring

Each of these items requires its own set of raw materials to make. The game will guide you through the items required.

After you have made these three items, you can craft the Blood Altar. The Blood Altar will make tracking Keely easy.

Keely resides around the Bandit Trapper Camp. You can find her around this camp. She can be anywhere inside it, and finding her is not an extremely difficult task.

After you manage to find her, you need to defeat Keely the Frost Archer. Defeating Keely is not a difficult task, and a combo of the very basic attacks in the game will help you achieve the goal.

Also, Keely’s attacks are easy to trace. So, try and avoid all of her attacks to not use up your Blood Rose stock. The added benefit of dodging her attacks is that Keely cannot attack for a short while after it. You can use this time to your benefit and hit her. Also, kill every normal enemy as soon as they spawn to prevent them from becoming a headache.

Overall, defeating Keely the Frost Archer is not a difficult fight, and you should be able to get over her on the first try itself.

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