V Rising Cyril the Cursed Smith Location and How to Beat

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Playing survival games without powerful enemies is almost impossible. Players must face these enemies to progress, and V Rising is no exception. The more you progress through the game, the more you will face powerful enemies, and the new Gloomrot expansion has brought new bosses to the game, including Baron du Bouchon the Sommelier, Cyril the Cursed Smith, etc. If you are curious about Cyril the Cursed Smith and looking for its location, go through our guide for help.

Cyril the Cursed Smith Location in V Rising- How to Defeat?

If you have been playing V Rising since the game was released, you are aware that the game has several bosses to fight with, and the new expansion has included a few more bosses to the game that players need to defeat. These bosses are located in different areas of the game, and Cyril the Cursed Smith is one among them.

If you have been looking for the newly added enemy, you must go to the Cursed Forest. The boss is located in the Cursed Village. It is a haunted village on the northeast side of the area, and we have marked the location on the map below-

Cyril the Cursed Smith Location in V Rising- How to Defeat

Once you find the boss, the next step is to beat it. If you are confused about the beating process, let me tell you that you should ensure you are at least level 65. The boss is a level 65 boss and is challenging to defeat. So, if you are below level 65, increase your level before getting back to the fight. It is always better if you have increased your level above 65. Also, we recommend bringing at least one teammate with you, so you can have someone to help you during the fight.

The boss is challenging enough to give you a hard time. He has a sword, and he often uses it to launch a slam attack. He jumps in the air and slams on the ground. It generates AoE, so stay away from the boss. Another strength of the boss is that he travels faster. So he can close the distance quickly.

Cyril the Cursed Smith Location in V Rising- How to Defeat

He continuously uses his sword to attack. So, without teammates, it is impossible to handle him. You must use ranged attacks to damage him, but it will come to you when you hit the boss. So, better if you have teammates so you can confuse the boss and keep hitting him from different sides. Also, the boss will summon roaming swords that will float in the arena and hit players.

That’s all you need to know about how to locate and beat Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising. By defeating the boss, players will unlock new Blood, Dark Silver Ingot, Wraith Spear (Illusion Ability), and Anvil.

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