What are the Best Magic Abilities to Use in PvP in V Rising

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V Rising lets you hone your magic and vampire abilities to become a strong contender in the world of vampires. Magic skills are important for playing in PvP mode as they help you take control of elements and increase your resistance to damage. This guide will take you through some of the best magic abilities to use in PvP in V Rising.

V Rising: Best Magic Abilities to Use in PvP

It is essential to develop your magic abilities if you wish to win at PvP, along with your other skills. Some of the best magic abilities in the game are mentioned below. Note that this is not a full list of all the magic abilities, but for that, you can check out V Rising: Magic Guide | Which Special Abilities are Best.

Power Surge

The Power Surge ability removes all negative effects and shields the target, preventing them from taking damage—which makes it a great way to protect your allies and yourself from taking damage. It becomes easier to take your enemies down as the shield increases the target’s movement and attack speed. To get this ability, you’ll need to beat one of the bosses of the game called Azariel the Sunbringer.

Sanguine Coil

Sanguine Coil utilizes the power of blood to deal damage to opponents as well as heal allies and yourself. It launches a projectile that deals magic damage over time to the enemy as it takes their health and transfers it to the caster. The dual power makes it an extremely effective ability and to unlock this ability, you need to beat the boss Meredith the Bright Archer.

Wisp Dance

Three Wisps will be summoned on casting this spell, which will deal magic damage to your enemies for you. You can also recast this ability to let all three of them launch as projectiles and decrease the target’s damage output. You will need to defeat Gorecrusher the Behemoth to unlock the ability.

Arctic Leap

This is a Frost ability that allows you to jump into the air, and damage a target to cause magic damage. You can unlock Arctic Leap by defeating the boss Terrorclaw the Ogre.

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Chaos Volley

This is the primary ability of the Chaos affinity that lets two Chaos Bolts hit your enemy and afflict them with Chaos Burn, dealing damage over time. To unlock it, you will need to beat the boss Lidia the Chaos Archer

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