How to Defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer Boss in V Rising

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V Rising has plenty of bosses for the players to kill in the open-world vampire survival game. Lidia the Chaos Archer is the fifth boss that you will encounter as you explore the Farbane Woods. This guide will take you through the process of how to beat the boss Lidia the Chaos Archer in V Rising.

How to Beat Lidia the Chaos Archer Boss in V Rising

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Lidia the Chaos Archer is a tad trickier to find than the previous Farbane Woods bosses that you have encountered. She will be roaming along the roads of the forest without a singular set location, so you will encounter her on chance. However, you can comb the Woods to eventually find her. It’s a lot easier with a clan, so make sure to join one if you haven’t already. You can also tackle her solo, but keep in mind that she is a level 26 boss.

Before you take on Lidia the Chaos Archer, imagine Keely the Frost Archer, but more powerful. Of course, they have six levels of difference between them and the development is noticeable. Lidia will be attacking you from a long-range with her arrows, causing splash damage to you as well which can be fatal if you’re not careful. Be sure to be well-stocked with Vermin Salves which you can use if you’re getting low on health.

Nightstalker equipment is always a good option to hold on to, as you’ll need the extra firepower and protection when Lidia goes invisible for a few seconds. There will also be other enemies joining the fight, which is why it’s a good idea to have clanmates with you as you attempt to take Lidia the Chaos Archer down. Remember that she is going to fire multiple AOEs at you when she is low on health, so quickly get in with some hard-hitting jabs to secure the kill.

Once you have defeated Lidia you will receive the Chaos Volley power. It is not the only thing that you will unlock as you also get The Devourer which is an item that allows you to dismantle your equipment.

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