All V Rising Quests and Their Rewards

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There are a variety of V Rising Quests. You must accomplish these tasks in order to get access to particular Vampire Powers, recipes, and blueprints. To complete each quest and obtain the prize, players must accomplish several objectives. Crafting an item, building a crafting table, gathering particular goods, and interacting with specific items are all quest objectives.

There are 18 quests to accomplish in V Rising. These tasks will be assigned to you automatically and will produce goodies such as recipes, blueprints, and Vampire Powers. You must perform goals in each mission, such as gathering bones, creating a ring, or constructing and interacting with tools. This guide will tell you about the objectives and rewards for each mission.

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Quests and Their Rewards in V Rising

The quests listed here are in the sequence in which you will face them in the game. To go to the next mission, you must first finish the previous one.

  1. Collecting the remains: The dead’s bones will return to perform a new function.
30 bones to collectBone Sword
  1. Weilding the Sword: The sword, a quick and lethal weapon capable of slicing through flesh, bone, and thickets with ease. It was the first step back to my previous greatness.
Slay three opponents with the Bone Sword.Bone Ring
  1. Mastering Magic: A ring made from the rotting blood of the deceased. To others, it’s only a trinket, but to me, it’s a powerful relic.
Make a Bone RingUse Shadowbolt on opponentsRecipe: Vermin Salve, Boneguard Vestment
  1. Armour of Bones: The bones of the deceased helped to shield my body.
Make the following Boneguard items: Chestguard, Pants, Boots, GlovesRecipe: Bone Axe
  1. Into the woods: With Axes it’s just as easy to chop down trees as it is to hack off heads.
Cut down treesMake bone axesRecipe: Bone Mace
  1. Stone Breaker: This is the Mace. A weapon too hefty for mortals to handle. A instrument that allows me to easily crush rocks and skulls.
Make a Mace Break Rocks into PiecesMaps: Castle Heart, Borders
  1. Lord of Shadows: I summoned the core of my kingdom. From here, I will rebuild my fortress and return to my former splendour. This is what Lord of Shadows has to say.
Build and interact with a Castle HeartExpand your dominion by putting up Borders.Maps: Walls & Structures
  1. Fortify: To defend myself and my stuff, I built walls around my domain and prepared a resting spot.
Place Palisades to protect your region; a Wooden Coffin; and a Wooden Stash.Maps: Basic Crafting & Refinement
  1. Getting ready for the hunt: I scavenged the surroundings for everything I needed to prepare for my next hunt.
Build and interact with a Sawmill.Build and interact with a Simple Workbench.Crafting stronger equipment will help you raise your Gear Level.Maps: Blood Altar
  1. Blood Hunt: I sought out a V Blood carrier and took ownership of its information.
Build and interact with a Blood Altar.Gain knowledge and new abilities by drinking the blood of a V Blood carrier.Maps: Research Desk
  1. The First Book in the Library: I may use the research desk to solve old puzzles and unearth forgotten information.
Build and interact with a Research Desk.Maps: Walls & Structures
  1. Expanding my Domain: I improved my Castle Heart, allowing me to extend my domain even more.
Interact with the Castle Heart and upgrade it.Maps: Mirrors
  1. Building a Castle: A more appropriate location to relax, heal, and dominate.
Finish a Castle chamber by putting down flooring and constructing surrounding Castle walls to create a roof.Maps: Stone Coffin
  1. Lord of the Manor: A worthy resting spot.
Attach to a Stone Coffin.Maps: Servant Coffin
  1. Army of Darkness: The beginning of my army of evil.
Use Dominating Presence to transform a person into a Servant and interact with it.Maps: Castle Throne
  1. Throne of Command: I am prepared to control this land.
From the Castle Throne, command your Servants.Maps: The Eye of the Twilight
  1. Soul of Stones: Vampires compete over these potent artefacts. This gadget will lead me.
Build and interact with the Eye of Twilight.Maps: Imperious Wall Panels
  1. Blood of Luminance: The key to a long-forgotten land. The key to unfathomable power, when the moment comes.
Solarus the Immaculate’s blood should be consumed.Maps: Blood Key

It’s worth noting that Quests are essential for moving through the game because of the benefits you obtain when you finish them. There are also no quest givers to track down. When you finish a quest, the following one becomes active; hence, you can only have one active quest at a time.

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