What are the Journal Quests in V Rising

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Stunlock Studios’ forthcoming vampire survival game, V Rising. After years of hibernation, you awake as a weakened vampire. To live, you must hunt for blood in adjacent communities while hiding from the hot sun. 

In order to expand your vampire empire, you must rebuild your castle and turn people into faithful followers. In a realm of battle, players form alliances online, repel holy warriors, and wage war against other players.

V Rising is a conflict-filled planet where vampires, humans, and different species coexist in a precarious equilibrium. There is a faction system that will involve clashes between different NPCs, such as bandits attacking farmers and wolves fighting bandits. 

Exploring the realm and encountering anything from bandits to the undead, witches, and werewolves, as well as acquiring resources and goods to build your fortress, is where the mystery lies.

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Journal Quests in V Rising

You will be entrusted with completing a series of Journal Quests that display in the top left corner of the game throughout your trip in V Rising. While they appear to be optional, these Quests basically serve as a lengthy tutorial procedure that will take you through the majority of the game, teaching you new mechanics as they are unlocked. 

Unfortunately, V Rising doesn’t always explain this effectively, so if you’re having trouble understanding the function of a specific structure or feature, chances are you haven’t yet completed the mission that will explain it in further detail.

With that being said, it’s crucial to remember that completing these Quests is critical to your in-game success because many of V Rising’s basic concepts and major features are claimed as prizes for accomplishing defined objectives. Recipes for key products, blueprints for fundamental construction structures, and other objects may be included as prizes.

Travel alone or with a company to see the globe. Fighting alongside other vampires will offer you an advantage in your struggle against the most formidable beasts and humans. In this game of murder, power, and treachery, you can raid other players’ castles or play the diplomat. Choose between competing and cooperating. 

To keep progressing in V Rising, make sure to complete each new Quest as it becomes available.

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