V Rising: How to Use the Eye of Twilight

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V Rising, the newest survival MMO vampire game from Stunlock Studios, has become the next steam phenomenon, with 500,000 players in only three days. The game is still in Early Access, but it already has a devoted following waiting for the full version.

There is a lot to accomplish in the world of V Rising, such as using the Eye of Twilight. So, here’s how to utilise the Eye of Twilight in V Rising.

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Using The Eye of Twilight in V Rising

Fighting and defeating V Rising’s most tough bosses earns you Soul Shards. Soul Shards are easy to get in PvE, but they are difficult to find in PvP. In this case, the Eye of Twilight comes in helpful. To access the framework for building the Eye of Twilight, you must first complete the game’s main plot.

Once you have four gold ingots and four spectral dust, you may use a Furnace to build the building. Once you’ve done creating it, you can use the Eye of Twilight to discover the Soul Shards. Interacting with the item reveals the map’s world, which is marked with Soul Shards.

There are three types of Soul Shards in V Rising. The Solarus Soul Shard grants 50+ sun resistance, +5% melee attack speed, and 10+ physical power. The Soul Shard of Behemoth gives you 50% resistance to garlic and holy power, 5% movement speed, and 20% resource gathering. The last one, Winged Horror Soul Shard, provides you with 50+ fire and silver resistance, 10+ spell power, and a +5% spell critical hit chance.

The Eye of Twilight, if completed, will show the present position of the Soul Shards. Simply interact with the building to bring up the world map, and the position of the Soul Shards will be highlighted, whether they are still with the boss or are being guarded by another clan.

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