Where to Find and Use Devourer in V Rising

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Like every other survival game, V Rising has several things to explore and experience. However, the majority of things in V Rising unlock after beating some particular boss. Devourer is a way to get rid of useless weapons and equipment and get back the resources. This guide will help you know how to get and use Devourer in V Rising.

Devourer in V Rising – How to Unlock and Use?

Devourer is a large box with a tongue that literally eats whatever you place inside its mouth, dismantles the item, and gives you back the resources. So you can place the weapons, gadgets, or equipment you want to get rid of, into its mouth and get back the resources.

To unlock the blueprint of Devourer, players need to fight and defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer. You’ll find Lidia roaming on the south side of Forgotten Cemetery and the road of Bandit Logging Camp. You have to defeat and drink her blood to unlock the blueprint of Devourer. Once you acquire the Blueprint, now, collect the other required items like 6 Copper Ingot and 12 Planks to craft the basic structure of Devourer.

Once your Devourer is ready, place it within the range of your Castle Heart. Remember, it’ll not work if you randomly place it anywhere. Additionally, the Castle Heart also needs to have enough Blood Essence to power up the Devourer. So, check it before you start using Devourer. 

After all, these criteria are fulfilled, and you have placed the Devourer successfully, put any of your weapon or gadget or equipment into it to check if it is working properly or not. Once the Devourer is active, it will make chewing sounds with its mouth open and close.

Another thing you need to remember is Devourer can only eat the Salvageable items. If the gadget or weapon you are putting doesn’t have the ‘Salvage’ written in its description, the Devourer won’t take it. Therefore, make sure to check the item’s description before you put it into the Devourer.

That’s all you need to know about making and using Devourer in V Rising. If you are looking for a guide to get some help regarding Devourer, check out our guide for help. 

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