How to Upgrade Weapon Abilities in V Rising

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V Rising is a world of vampires where survival might be difficult. Players must acquire various weapons in order to engage in combat with other players. V Rising provides many sorts of weapons to assist players in surviving. 

There’s an ability for almost every form of play, from shapeshifting to summoning evil minions. There are vampire abilities, weapons, and powers connected to various magical disciplines.

Finding the correct weapon and character abilities might be difficult, especially if you don’t know what each skill performs. This guide will explain how abilities work in V Rising and how to upgrade weapon abilities

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All Abilities in V Rising

V Rising’s skills come from three sources: 

  • Vampire Abilities- Vampire abilities are accessible to all builds and provide utility bonuses like health restoration outside of battle and the ability to transform into certain forms. 
  • Weapon Abilities- Weapon abilities are locked to certain weapon archetypes and cannot be altered. The item’s quality impacts how many weapon abilities are accessible to you. The higher the quality of the item, the more abilities you’ll have.
  • Character Abilities- Finally, your character can use four different disciplines abilities: Blood, Unholy, Illusion, Chaos, and Frost. 

Blood Abilities are further subdivided into travel, basic, and ultimate abilities.

V Rising – How to Upgrade Weapon Abilities

Each weapon is unique. V Rising has a basic attack and two techniques, although players will not have access to them at the start of the game. When the weapons have varied resources, the players will have access to those techniques. 

The first technique demands that the weapons be fashioned of copper or other expensive materials. When the weapon is utilised using iron or greater resources, the second unlocks. All weapons will also have durability stats, which will decrease as the weapon is used. Weapons may be repaired using the proper materials.

Players must have access to Workbench in order to construct or upgrade their weapons. Workbench will display the resources needed to repair or enhance the weapons. Except for the Crossbows, each weapon in V Rising has a three-hit combination.

Finally, each weapon profile has its own set of abilities, however, you can’t modify the abilities supplied by the weapon itself. You must transfer weapons if you wish to change your weapon abilities.

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