How to Salvage Resources in V Rising

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As you start playing V Rising and gathering resources, you will see ‘salvageable’ in the description box of many items. When you start to upgrade gear and weapons, the old ones will still be there in your inventory. Salvaging the resources for materials is better than just dropping them from the inventory, but the way to salvage resources in V Rising does not become available until later. Keep reading and we will show you how to salvage resources in V Rising.

How to Salvage Resources in V Rising

V Rising has over 60 V Blood Carriers, there are bosses in the game that you need to defeat and feed on to enhance your ability. Besides getting their skills, the bosses also unlock various structures, production units, and recipes.

To salvage resources in V Rising, you need to beat Lidia the Chaos Archer. She is a level 26 boss and you can find her at several places. Use the Blood Altar to track her location and defeat her. Once she is defeated, you can return to your castle and build the Devourer.


To craft the Devourer, you need 12 X Plank and 6 X Copper Ingot. Once the devourer is created, you can simply approach it and press F to access its menu. Place all the items you want to salvage in the input section of the devourer menu and in no time, the materials will be salvaged.


That’s all we have in this guide, check out the V Rising category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.

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