Guide to Raise Gear Level in V Rising

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V Rising is the latest Vampire survival game that takes the players to the worlds of vampires and play as a Vampire who has awakened from his deep slumber after the Centuries. Here, the players’ main objective is to conquer the world and establish their power.

Weapons and Gear are the essential equipment in survival games. Players always need it to protect themselves from enemies and survive. Moreover, players need to level up their gear from time to time to increase their powers. V Rising is not an exception. In this game also, players need to use and level up Gear. This guide will help you know how to level up Gear in V Rising.

How to Level Up Gear in V Rising

In V Rising, players play as vampires; even then, they need armor and weapons to protect themselves from the dangers of the game. It is an obvious matter that the more you level up your gear; they’ll become stronger. In V Rising, there are a few ways to level up your gear, and we are listing them below-

  1. The gear level will be increased if you craft the gear. Getting a gear through crafting will raise the gear level. Therefore, the best way to level up your gear is to collect more crafting items.
  2. Another thing that raises gear level is Weapons. Weapons level up the gear based on the quality and the tier of crafting.

In V Rising, armor is one of the best gear that boosts the physical powers of the players and the Max Health. But to get these boosts, players need to craft a complete armor set. Because you get various boosts from various gear, it is important to level them up.

If you are curious to level up your gear and looking for a guide to get some help, check out our guide for necessary information.

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