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Why You Should Imprison Servants in V Rising

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Stunlock Studios’ new vampire survival action game V Rising, is steadily getting more and more popular, as it has sold over 1 million units in its first week, in spite of being only an Early Access debut on Steam. The game has proven itself, with a horde of content in its initial form: plenty of bosses for players to seek out and defeat and items to win. . This guide will take you through the reasons why you should imprison or lock your servants in V Rising

Why You Should Keep your Servants Imprisoned in V Rising

V Rising lets you employ servants for your castle which you will need to learn how to manage and let them help your out in your daily tasks. They can be used for a variety of tasks such as missions or gathering crafting materials, and you will need to take care of them.

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You will unlock servants once you have completed the Army of Darkness mainline quest which you can obtain by entrapping humans into doing your bidding. With the help of a coffin, you can activate your Dominating Presence Ability and use the Kiss of the Vampire to make them follow you. 

Once you have safely brought them to your castle, you may choose to keep some of them imprisoned, based on the quality of their blood. Some human blood is more potent and nutritious than others, and you can stand to gain buffs by actively feeding on them from time to time. 

When you have found a servant that is better than the rest, you can put him in jail to drain their blood just until they’re unconscious but not dead. You need to be careful not to kill them or you will lose your blood source. You can drink the blood that you have drained using a glass vial, which will increase some of your stats such as speed or critical rate, and even reset some cooldown timers.

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